My Graphics

These are some of the charts and graphics I’ve created at Talking Points Memo.

Americans’ Interest In Bain Capital Spikes On Google, Twitter

The Supreme Court’s Lurch To The Right

Government Jobs Buoyed Bush’s Economy And Sunk Obama’s

How Congress Helps Republicans, But Not Democrats, Weather Bad Economies

Why The Economic Recovery Hasn’t Felt Like One For The 99 Percent

A Tale Of Two Economies: The GOP’s Schizophrenic Jobs Message

Why Obama Hopes The Recovery Picks Up Even More

End Of An Era: Why Public Transportation Is On The Rise

Romney’s Fox News Blitz

CHART: Herman Cain Fundraising Spiked After Sexual Harassment Allegations

he Map That Proves Red Staters Use The Safety Net Too

Two Charts That Should Terrify Republicans

Anatomy Of A Come Back? Charting Obama’s Approval

Republican Enthusiasm Gap Could Spell Trouble For Party In November

How Mitt Romney’s Tax Rate Stacks Up: Comparing the Candidate To The Rest of Us

Two Charts That Should Make Romney Gulp

Independent Voters On The Run From Romney

Celebrity Deathmatch: Who’s Winning The Most Celebrity Endorsements?

How Romney’s Tax Rate Stacks Up To Recent Presidential Candidates’

The State Of Gay Marriage (Spring 2012)

What Romney Doesn’t Want You Talking About — Except In ‘Quiet Rooms’

The Super Pac Super Donors

Huntsman’s Wasted Time In New Hampshire

These are infographics and interactive charts I’ve made for the University Daily Kansan or in my own spare time.


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